Turismo Racing Gaming Chair Review

If you’re new to PC gaming chairs or gaming chairs in general you may be confused by the design. But anyone who’s up to date with the gaming chair industry knows it’s not dedicated to actual racing games. The racing style design has a ton of benefits, starting with the looks and ending with comfortable posture support. The Turismo Racing might be an unkown company but I can guarantee you that the Turismo Racing Cagliari Racing Chair is top of the line and on par with all the other huge companies like AKracing and DXracer.

Turismo Racing Gaming Chair Review

Turismo Racing Gaming Chair
Turismo Racing Gaming Chair

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Although the Turismo Racing Cagliari Racing Chair is very high-end, every product has something that could be a bit better. We are going to bring out the best features about it and also some parts that could need a bit of extra work.

Pros of Turismo Racing Chair

  • Very ergonomic
  • 2 cushions – headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Lifetime warranty for the frame and 24 months for the parts
  • Very durable – minimal signs of wear for months
  • Dedicated footrest on the base

Cons of Turismo Gaming Chair

  • There really isn’t anything. If you really want to pick on it you can say it’s a bit heavy which makes it harder to assemble but it adds to sturdiness

Why Pick A Racing Style Gaming Chair?

A lot of people ask this question because they are confused if it fits their gaming style/setup. We at GamingGearHub think it’s the best choice but let me explain why.


This means that they offer a lot of support to your body. This prevents your back from getting sore after long gaming sessions. It also improves/maintains your posture which is very important because playing hunched over on a small office chair leads to big posture problems that’ll take months to cure.

Racing style chairs also have extended neck rests with small pillows for extra support. This feature lets you relax your neck the whole gaming sessions and still sit upright and stay comfortable. Cheaper gaming chairs and regular office chairs mostly lack the neck support. I’m sure that a lot of you know that neck problems are huge thing in our generation due to the fact that we’re always looking down at our phone or sitting incorrectly behind the computer. I bet you all agree with me when I say that not looking at your phone is nearly impossible. But changing the way you sit behind a computer, which usually is a lot in our generation, is a fairly simple solution to that problem.


Racing style gaming chairs like the Turismo Racing Cagliari Racing Chair are also very durable. They last a lot longer than big, soft chairs with a lot of padding because you won’t “sink” into the chair which would put a lot of tention on the exterior fabric. Tention obviously causes tears and stretch marks. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not comfortable. Racing style chairs offer just the right amount of softness that you’ll stay comfortable for hours on end.

These gaming chairs usually have a durable aluminium chassis which makes it very sturdy. It won’t break unless you really want it to break. This in my mind is a true sign of high quality.


Lastly their looks. Almost everybody likes fast cars and racing so I’m sure I don’t really have to explain this in general. There will be a detailed review on this product in the next few chapters.

Why Pick The Turismo Racing Cagliari Racing Chair?

I’m going to go over the same three criterias and explain why this product is one of the best on the market.


To start off the Turismo Racing Cagliari Racing Chair is racing style, as you already know. This means that it’s meant for full body support and it does its job well. I’m going to divide the ergonomic features of this chair into four categorys so you can get a full overwiev of the product.


The product has a very deep and high backrest. This provides you with more support than a regular chair because it covers more of your body. The backrest also has extra padding to make sure that next to just being good for you it also feels very comfortable.

The headrest is built into the backrest like in any other racing style gaming chair. And like in most others, it has air holes in it. This creates a little air flow around your neck and back to keep you from sweating which is always a problem when things get intense in-game.

The Turismo Racing Cagliari Racing Chair comes with a lumbar, and a headrest cushion. Both of them feel make you feel very comfortable and are good for your posture when used correctly. The headrest cushion goes at the lower part of the back of your head. It supports your head with its soft, comfortable padding and it keeps it upright to prevent any neck pain. The lumbar cushion is meant for your lower/middle back, right at the curve of the spine. It supports your back and prevents you from sitting hunched over. Sitting with correct posture is extremely comfortable with the help of this cushion and it prevents any backproblems and improves your posture in the long run.

The backrest is also adjustable. You can lower it down up to 135 degrees. Sitting completely upright is uncomfortable for some people and to prevent that you can tilt it back. When also using the cushions correctly or just sitting with correct posture, it still is very ergonomic and youll stay comfy for long gaming sessions.


The seat has extra padding just like the backrest but it also has an extra feature. The seat flexibility is adjustble. This means you can choose how deep you sink into the seat. You can basically adjust how hard or soft it is. This feature makes sure that the chair is suitable/comfortable for all gamers because everyone has different needs.


The gaming chair has variable position handrests. This basically means that they’re adjustable just like every other part of this quality chair. You can change the height and angle of them so that they support your arms from the elbows. When using this feature correctly it supports your shoulders and keeps you from upperback from being hunched over. Keeping your shoulders relaxed is very important because tension/pain in the shoulders is a common problem for gamers who lack proper gaming gear.

Other Features

First off like any other PC gaming chair, the Turismo Racing Cagliari Racing Chair has adjustable height to guarantee you that it works with every desk and gaming setup. It also has a tilt mechanism which is very comfortable. When you shift your weight back, instead of rolling away the chair leans back. This makes the whole experience a bit more comfortable and adds to the value of the chair.

The star shaped iron base is designed to hold the chair stable whatever angle it’s on. This means you can tilt the chair the whole way back and take a nap or watch a movie and not worry about losing balance. The iron base has another feature. The red supports on the base are meant for holding your legs. This is a feature that a lot of chairs don’t have and because of that they get a lot of wear on that area. Turismo Racing has fixed this problem in a rather simple and convenient way.

Conclusion Of Ergnomics

The Turismo Racing Cagliari Racing Chair is surely in the top 1% when it comes to ergonomics. A lot of the features and adjustable mechanics that this chair has, others lack. This makes it very comfortable no matter how long you decide to use it. The comfortability isn’t even the best part about it. The main thing that makes it so great is that it combines comfortability with excellent posture support. This means that you’ll have a great experience while keeping yourself healthy.


Before even starting to talk about durability you should know that the frame has a lifetime warranty and all the parts have a 24 month warranty. 24 months is a really long time for a warranty and lifetime is just something a bit crazy. But this shows that the manufacturer believes in the Turismo Racing Cagliari Racing Chair and knows it’s durable and let me explain you why.

The base and the chassis is made out of durable aluminium. This makes the gaming chairsupport up to 350 pounds without any negative effects. The exterior fabric is durable faux leatherThe leather has a high-end feel and it won’t show signs of wear for a long time. The chair will look brand new for months if you treat it like it’s meant to. The stitching is high-quality and it won’t rip open even under the constant use of a heavier gamer.

All this might not seem like a lot but these are the key elements of a gaming chair and if they are of high-quality then the chair will last for a very long time.

The Looks

The chair comes in three color schemes: black and red, black and white, black and blue. All of them look beautiful so you can make the pick just by which color suits your gaming setup the best. The racing style design makes it look straight out of a rally car and it gives it an edgy look. It would be a great addition to any man-cave and it would even look good in certain office setups.

Should You Buy The Turismo Racing Cagliari Racing Chair?

The Turismo Racing Cagliari Racing Chair is more than just beautiful. The ergonomic features of this chair make sure that you’ll have a very comfortable gaming experience without any negative effects on your health. Cheaper chairs which don’t have correct posture support will have a very bad effect on your health in the long run and it will take months or even years to revert the damage. Although the company is not yet well known, this product is on par with all the other huge names like DXracer and AKracing and it’s friendlier to your wallet. We in GamingGearHub think that when you’re looking for an ergonomic and good looking gaming chair then this is one of the best picks.

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