Steelseries QcK Mouse Pad Review

The QcK series mouse pads are actually the most used mouse pads among professional E-Sports teams all over the world. It has gone through a really long and strict testing cycle to produce Steelseries‘ best-selling and most acclaimed mouse pad. All this hassle for you to have a reliable and effective surface to get the most out of your mouse wherever you go.

Steelseries QcK Mouse Pad
Steelseries QcK Mouse Pad

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Features of Steelseries QcK Mouse Pad

  • optimized for low and high DPI tracking movements
  • Exclusive QcK micro-woven cloth
  • Non-slip rubber base eliminates
  • Recommended for most users with average desk space

You Were Looking For A Cheap Gaming Mouse Pad?

Yes, Steelseries have made a top-of-the-notch product and also given it an unbelievably low price. When I first visited my local electronics store, I looked at the price and thought it’s a regular mouse pad. All the surrounding mouse pads were significantly more expensive. After that, I didn’t need much more convincing. You might think that cheap and low-quality materials were used.

On the contrary, rubber and cloth are highly durable and meant to last even under the mouse of a really avid gamer. The Steelseries QCK is also really easy to clean, so it’s appealing appearance will last for a long time.

To bring out the affordable price, even more, let’s compare it with another SteelSeries mouse pad in a similar size. Ergonomics, User Comfortability

Although it has no direct wrist support like the Belkin WaveRest, it still has some great ergonomic features. Quality non-slip rubber under the mouse pad holds it firmly still. Thanks to this feature, your wrist doesn’t build up any unwanted tension and can only focus on mouse movements.  The upper part is made of quality cloth which ensures pinpoint precision glide to gain aces and killstreaks with ease. The pad is also available in different dimensions and thicknesses. However the precision and quality remain.

Is It Solely A CS GO Mouse Pad?

In short: No! There are no limits for this mouse pad. You can use it to your own liking. If you play CS: GO – it’s great, about 70% of professional teams use the SteelSeries QcK mousepad. But bear in mind it is also heavily used by League of Legends players. For example, European team Fnatic’s official sponsor is Steelseries and every Fnatic mouse pad is Steelseries. As I have mentioned before, it is available in various sizes. You can pick the pad size according to your playstyle/game type.

Precise and consistent glide is guaranteed on whichever game you play. Even people involved in media/movie editing or other activities which require some precision are more than welcome to use this mouse pad. If you don’t want to spend much time picking the right mouse pad – take this one. It is one of the universal gaming mouse pads and I just couldn’t imagine someone being left utterly disappointed with this product. Ten bucks well spent, I guarantee it.

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