Razer Destructor 2 Review – is it better than Firefly?

The Razer company needs no introduction. It has created a huge brand and a fan base which has to lead them to the top of the gaming scene. Razer’s products keep getting better and better thanks to cooperation with pro gamers. Most of their designs have been influenced by gamers which makes them very comfortable and user-friendly. The Razer Destructor 2 is a successor to the Destructor which is a mouse pad loved by a lot of gamers. The Destructor 2 has kept all the good features and eliminated the bad parts like the logo on the back which started to wear off very quickly.

Razer Destructor 2 Mouse Pad
Razer Destructor 2 Mouse Pad

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Razer Destructor 2 Mousepad Review

Pros of Razer destructor 2 mousepad

  • Very thin for a hard top
  • Smooth gliding
  • Consistent surface
  • Very durable – Users report that there are no performance issues even after 5 years
  • Anti-slip bottom

Cons of Razer destructor 2

  • A bit pricey

Physical aspects of the Razer destructor 2 expert hard gaming mouse mat


The mousepad comes in one size only unlike the Steelseries Qck which is a negative, but it has a fairly standard size: 355 mm x 255 mm x 2.2 mm. That size should fit most standard gaming setups. The Razer Destructor 2 is designed for speed and control so there’s a very small chance that it will be too small. There’s no problem to do a 180 in an fps game with even under 400 DPI.

A great thing about the size is that it’s only 2.2 mm thick. You won’t even notice the height difference with the table. That is a great feature for a hard top mouse pad which is usually a bit thicker. The thickness is also very important for comfortability. When there’s no noticeable height difference you won’t have any strain on your wrist. This allows you to have long gaming sessions without ever having to think about anything except the game. You may read our mouse reviews

Surface and bottom

The surface has a textured finish which has designed with the intention to find the perfect balance between speed and control. It’s also very smooth so it won’t wear out your mouse feet as fast as other hard top mouse pads. The Razer Destructor 2 is preferred by the pro gamers and that’s for a big reason. The surface is embedded with silver flakes which makes it reflect more than a regular mouse pad. That gives it extra response so you can be sure you get 100% out of your mouse and your mouse pad won’t hold you back. The bottom is an anti-slip rubber. It will hold it to the table no matter how fast you swipe your mouse. You can be sure all your flick-shots and 180’s will land. The bottom rubber also provides enough cushioning that all the mouse landings are smooth.

Should you buy the Razer Destructor 2?

The Razer Destructor 2 is used a lot in the eSports scene so you can be sure it’s a quality product. It’s extra smooth and responsive which is a very important feature in a mouse pad because it lets you get 100% out of your mouse. The mouse pad is also very durable. Users say it starts showing wear after 2 years which is a very long lifespan. Even then the mouse pad works perfectly fine. It just has surface wear which makes sliding the mouse harder. Overall this mouse pad is worth the money and even more. If it fits your needs then this is a must-have mouse pad.

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