Combaterwing Gaming Mouse Review– Mad Catz style gaming mouse

Combaterwing mouse really is an unknown company. They came to the market at the end of 2015 so they haven’t really had the chance to make a name for their self. But this doesn’t mean that they’re products haven’t caught the eyes of everyday gamers. A lot of people appreciate their products. This is mainly thanks to its beautiful design and the high-end feel.

Combaterwing Gaming Mouse Review

Combaterwing Gaming Mouse
Combaterwing Gaming Mouse

Pros of Combaterwing Mouse

  • Beautiful design
  • Metal used in the chassis – sturdy and has a nice weight
  • 10 macro buttons and a high precision button
  • The exterior is soft rubber – good grip
  • RGB lighting with on, off and breathe options
  • Braided cable
  • User-friendly software

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Cons of Combaterwing Gaming Mouse

  • Low-quality materials in the scroll wheel
  • Side buttons are made of a lower quality plastic than the rest


As I mentioned before the Combaterwing mouse has a Mad Catz style design. This means it looks very clean and robotic. The mouse has a lot of metal in it so its quite heavy and sturdy. This gives it a high-quality feel which you usually don’t expect out of a budget gaming mouse. The exterior of the mouse is rubberized. It has a nice soft feel to it yet it gives you a lot of friction to ensure you get a good grip. The ergonomic design mixed with the rubber exterior gives the mouse a great feel in hand. It fits perfectly in most hand and gives you a comfortable gaming experience even when it lasts for hours.

The Combaterwing mouse has a 5 ft red and black braided cable. It fits perfectly in the color scheme which makes it look even better. Braided cables are also more durable which is always a plus when you want to get the most out of your money. The only con about the design is that the scroll wheel is made out of cheap plastic. It’s not very durable but that doesn’t really matter as long as you don’t beat your mouse against the wall in a ragespree. The main problem with it is that some people report that their scroll wheel is deformed when they get it. It doesn’t stop it from working but it just doesn’t look good.

The mouse has RGB lighting. The bulbs are in the chassis of the mouse so the lighting effect looks beautiful in the dark. There are thousands of colors to choose from and there’s also a breathe and off option.

Technological Aspects Of The Mouse

The Combaterwing mouse has a 4800 DPI optical sensor.  It also has on-the-fly DPI changing. The DPI values for quick changing are set by the user in the mouse user-interface. The 4800 DPI should be more than enough for most gamers because high-precision games usually demand low DPI values. Although the mouse comes with a CD with the user-interface for seting macros and DPI values, the mouse is plug-and-play.

Technology-wise the mouse is vey durable. It uses Omron switches which gives it great response along with a great lifespan. The switches last up to 10 million clicks. This means you get a whole lot of mouse for a very low price.

The Combaterwing has 10 programmable buttons. You can use them for basically any in-game command to speed your game up and play at a new level. There’s also a precision aim button. You can customize it so that when you press it your mouse acts in a whole new, slower and more precise way. All the buttons are easily customizable in the user-interface that comes in the mouse box. Another good thing about the mouse is that the user-interface is very easy to use. People who’ve had Razer products know that the Synapse is a pain to use.

Should You Buy The Combaterwing Mouse?

I’m sure that everyone who has used this mouse knows that this is as good as it gets in this price range. The mouse may have a low-quality scroll wheel but thats the only big con about this mouse. The high-end design with RGB lights and the in-hand feel make you forget that it’s actually a budget gaming mouse. Another huge positive thing about the Combaterwing is that it offers a lot of macro buttons and an user-friendly software so you can fully customize the mouse and start the gaming in a matter of minutes. When you’re gaming on a budget this should be your go-to mouse.

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