Best Mouse For Runescape- Expert Reviews

Runescape is probably the most successful browser game ever made. It completely runs on Java and soon, it has been around for whopping 15 years. The player base is strong and loyal and the game will never stop to grow. Even though Runescape’s technically a browser game, it’s still an MMO. MMO’s could be played just for fun, or competitively. PvM and PvP aspects of Runescape are challenging and there’s a lot of competition.

Best Mouse For Runescape
Best Mouse For Runescape

All of the famous PKers and PvMers prefer to use custom gaming gear, aside from stock equipment. While gaming headset doesn’t play that huge part in Runescape(if only the microphone for clan PKing and events), especially gaming mouse for Runescape and keyboard can impact your performance greatly.

I’m pretty sure Woox isn’t pulling stuff like this with a stock Logitech mouse.

Best Mouse For Runescape

The player base is mainly divided between two different versions of Runescape. Post-evolution-of-combat aka. Runescape 3, and the classic version of Runescape aka. Oldschool Runescape. With the evolution of combat update in 2012, action bar and abilities were introduced to Runescape 3. After that, MMO mice became even more important for RS3. You can’t bind your mouse keys directly to these abilities, but with this workaround, you can still do that and improve your gameplay and gain an edge over your opponents.

A proper gaming mouse is also highly important in Oldschool Runescape. Being able to successfully hybrid in PvP acquires lots of speed and preferably also some mouse bindings to quickly switch between different tabs.

Razer Naga Epic Mouse

Razer Naga Epic Mouse
Razer Naga Epic Mouse

The Naga is one of the most popular gaming mice among MMO players. Its ergonomic design, great looks and a huge selection of macro buttons are probably the main qualities which rock the gamers hearts.

It is our top pick for the best mouse for Runescape.

The 12-button thumb grip is armed with quality mechanical switches to give you fast feedback and guarantee reliability on button presses.

The mouse also has an all-around ergonomic design to perfectly match every grip style and hand size and accustom your needs.

Pros of Razer Naga Epic Mouse

  • Comfortable
  • Matte coating for better grip
  • Upgraded sensor, probably #1 on the market

Cons of Razer Naga Epic

  • Weighs a lot
  • A little bit hard to get used to if you have never used macro buttons before

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse
UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

If you’re not interested in investing this amount of money to Runescape, we have a cheaper alternative to suggest(which we have already reviewed on our page btw).

The UtechSmart Venus has exactly the same amount of macro buttons as Razer Naga and similar mouse shape. Actually, one great thing about Venus what Naga doesn’t have is that Venus has 5 different user profiles. So you could save your settings for different activities, like PKing or PvMing.

Pros of UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

  • Affordable
  • 5 user profiles
  • Customisable LED lighting options

Cons of UtechSmart Venus Mouse

  • A little bit cheaper build quality than Naga
  • Hard to get used to if you have never used macro buttons before

Final Notes

With these mice, you can be sure to improve your gameplay whether you’re avid PKer or PvMer. Utechsmart Venus and Razer Naga are the most popular picks and will fit for most of the people’s needs, but the most important part is that you feel comfortable with them. Before purchasing, make sure they fit you well!

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