Top 3 Best Mouse For Loli In Details

League of Legends is a highly competitive fast-paced game. To be able to always play at your 100% you have to feel comfortable. That requires your gaming gear to be very precise and reliable so you can put all of your focus into the game instead of trying to compensate for the clicks your mouse didn’t register. To bring you the best mouse for LoL we have studied the pro scene and also considered the community favorites.

Best League Of Legends Mouse
Best League Of Legends Mouse

Best League Of Legends Mouse

Below we have reviewed best league of legends mouse for your instant help.

Razer Deathadder Chroma Mouse- The Most Accurate League Of Legends Mouse

Razer Deathadder Chroma Gaming Mouse
Razer Deathadder Chroma Gaming Mouse

The Razer Deathadder is most known for its design. It’s both beautiful and extremely comfortable which has to lead to a lot of companies copying it. The mouse is preferred by most FPS and MOBA players for its reliability and accuracy.

The 10 000 DPI optical sensor is capable of movements up to 200 inches per second and 50G acceleration. I can guarantee that your arm will never move so fast on the mousepad.

means that the Razer DeathAdder Chroma follows your every move with ease which leads to a perfect gaming experience. The mouse also has Chroma lighting. There are 16.8 million colors to choose from so you can make the mouse exactly fit your setup.

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Pros of Razer Deathadder Chroma Mouse

  • 10 000 DPI
  • Ergonomic designed favored by pro players
  • Great price per quality
  • 16.8 million LED colors
  • Unmatched lifespan

Cons of Razer Deathadder Chroma

  • Only 2 macro buttons

The Overall Best Mouse For Lol

Mad Catz M.M.O.Te Mouse for lol

Mad Catz M.M.O.TE Gaming Mouse
Mad Catz M.M.O.TE Gaming Mouse

The Mad Catz M.M.O.TE is best known for its high button customization. It has 20 programmable buttons with unlimited profiles so you can customize it for any game you play.

It also has presets for a lot of MMO games but unfortunately not for League. Although that isn’t exactly a negative side because no other mouse offers preset and the button mapping is something you only need to do once. Having buttons on your mouse can greatly increase your speed in a game which increases your chance of winning.

The mouse is also physically customizable. It’s possible to extend the palm rest 1.5 cm so you can make it exactly fit your grip. This gives you a comfortable gaming experience which is a major factor in being at your best.

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Pros of league of legends mouse

  • 20 programmable buttons with 12 thumb buttons
  • 8200 DPI
  • Good price per quality
  • Possible to adjust the lift-off distance
  • 60 programmable commands

Cons of Mad Catz M.M.O.Te Gaming Mouse

  • Hard to access the buttons for a big hand with the claw grip
  • Mousewheel prone to breakage

The Best Cheap League Of Legends Gaming Mouse

Logitech G302 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G302 Gaming Mouse
Logitech G302 Gaming Mouse

The Logitech Daedalon G302 was produced with the intention to be the best MOBA gaming mouse and it’s very close to its goal. The design is made for high responsiveness and accuracy. The left and right click have metal springs embedded in them. 

This makes the response of the buttons amazing and it’s possible to spam them very fast. It also has an ergonomic design which has been developed with the help of Team Solo Mid so you can be sure that your hand won’t get tired during long gaming sessions. There’s also a lot of focus on durability so it guaranteed that you’ll get a great long lasting mouse for a small price. You may also read about mouse bungee

The mouse has a 4000 DPI optical sensor with on-the-fly changing. The high-end sensor gives the mouse an outstanding 1 ms report time. There are also 6 programmable buttons so you can use to your advantage in a game. After customization, they are saved to the onboard memory. That’s a very good quality because you don’t have to use messy software every time you want to game.

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Pros of Logitech G302 Mouse

  • Great price
  • Extremely durable
  • Great sensor – no smoothing/acceleration
  • User-friendly software

Cons of Logitech G302

  • Meant for speed mousepads

Final Verdict

When you’re trying to find your best mouse for LoL you should consider these options. We brought out the main mouse preferred by gamers who focus on League and there’s a mouse here for every gamer type. You should think about what are you’re exact needs and preferences and make a pick of best league of legends mouse.

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