Arozzi Monza Series Gaming Chair Review

Gaming in the modern world has its share of bouquets and brickbats. While criticism is always healthy for any new technology or lifestyle, the benefits of gaming cannot be ignored either. Game manufacturers today are deploying a lot of time, energy and resources behind designing a game as close to reality as possible. Be it graphics, storyline or planning skills; they are attempting to make gaming not just a pleasurable but also a learning experience.

Arozzi Monza Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair
Arozzi Monza Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair

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Also, like any other sport, gaming today has its own set of sporting gear depending on the platform one chooses for gaming. A computer-based game requires a well configured computer adapted and modified to suit the gaming needs, a clear and effective sound system and updated peripheral devices (keyboard, mouse, joystick or gaming consoles). Other platforms like consoles, handheld and arcade have their own set of sporting gear requirement. One common need of all gamers, regardless of the platform used for gaming has always been a gaming chair.

An aesthetically and ergonomically designed chair enhances the gaming experience providing the perfect fit between the gamer, the equipment and the environment. There are many options available in the market today and a few who stand out because of their price-to-product offering. One such product being the Arozzi Monza Gaming Chair, a product by a Swedish company Arozzi.


Any hardcore gamer understands the need of being able to sit comfortably while playing and feel relaxed as that increases the chances of winning. Arozzi Monza gaming chairshave been around for nearly three years now and are a design inspired by the world of motorsports make it good-looking and ergonomically comfortable option for a gaming chair. A review of the features of an Arozzi Monza gaming chair will reveal the reasons behind its success as a preferred choice in gaming chairs. As of date, there are 7 series of gaming chairs that Arozzi is offering:

  • Monza Series
  • Enzo Series
  • Mugello Series
  • Torretta Series
  • Torretta XL Series
  • Verona
  • Verona Pro


It is important to understand the features of these chairs before deciding to own them. The specifications of these chairs are:

  • Ergonomic design for hours of use
  • Thick padding on the seat, armrest and backrest.
  • PU leather upholstery material; easy to clean.
  • 360 degree swivel rotation
  • Adjustable height gas spring
  • Tiltable seat with lock function (only in upright position)
  • Five twin wheel nylon casters
  • Adjustable armrest (Mugello, Torretta and Verona series)
  • Metal frame construction (Torretta and Verona series)
  • 7 different colour choices


The Arozzi Monza gaming chair at the price available is a good bargain for people spending long hours gaming. The features listed above give a glimpse of the effort taken by Arozzi to take care about the comfort of the gamer. The look of the chair being derived from motor-racing cars is sleek and non-conventional with eye-catching colours apart from the conventional colours as an expression of the winning spirit. Arozzi understands the spirit of winning and designs chairs to help get winners across the line with comfort and panache.

  • Looks exactly like extracted from a real racing car
  • Super comfortable
  • Competitive price tag
  • Easy to assemble


There have been quite a few disadvantages of the earlier series of Arozzi chairs. The Monza and Enzo series chairs were bulky and weighed around 39 to 40 pounds making them hard to move around. There have been some reviews about the rolling casters not staying in too. Arozzi, being committed to the needs of gamers worldwide accepted the criticism and eventually came up with the Verona and Verona Pro series chairs. This series integrated the most liked features of all the previous series along with the latest ergonomic design. Verona and Verona Pro have features like extra padding for the seat, extra and adjustable back and head support, extra adjustable armrests and a reinforced set mechanism with preset and lockable tilt positions.

  • Might be annoying to move around due to weight
  • Rolling casters might get loose


There is a no shortage of options available in the gaming chair segment today. Some gaming chairs have convenient pockets to store various controllers and the more advanced chairs have an option of plugging the chair into the computer for a surround sound experience. There are chairs with additional mounts for steering wheels and gear shifts. Arozzi Monza has kept its design simple, keeping the basic requirement of a gamer in mind. By excluding the added experience features they have managed to keep the price affordable. However, gamers willing to spend more and have an immersive gaming experience can opt for the more advanced gaming chairs available.

The Arozzi chairs can be purchased in stores in Europe and is available online for worldwide gamers. At an approximate price range of $200 to $300, according to the official website, it is a value for money proposition. The quality of products used and the aesthetic and ergonomic benefits of this chair make it worth every penny spent. Gaming chairs available in the market can range from less than $100 to more than $700. The features desired by the gamer defines the kind of chair that would suit him/her and thereby the cost. The cost of Arozzi chairs can also depend on the geographic location, availability and website ordered from.


Arozzi chairs are craftily designed and can be adjusted by every gamer as needed to be in the best position to win! An ergonomic, aesthetic, sleek, adjustable and comfortable companion to share all your victories and help you train through your failures is what an Arozzi Monza chair

 aspires to be. The features of these chairs have been designed to match and suit the basic needs of gamers worldwide. This is not just a chair, but a stallion waiting for its rider to battle the enemy and clench victory. Victory is sweeter when done in style and Arozzi is the stallion with style who would take you to the winning post with comfort. So, the next time you play your favourite game, think back as to how the experience can be more enriching with an Arozzi Monza gaming chair.

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